We just wanted to say THANK YOU to all out family and friends who have been visiting Brady's site!  Your comments and personal messages mean so much to us!! 

Please continue to visit often   =0)

Lee, Kelly, and Brady
Last week Brady got to meet more of his family.  Lee's sister, husband, and nieces moved back to New Hampshire from Florida.  Two nieces (Tyra and Jazmine) spent a few nights with us and really helped me out around the house.  Brady enjoyed every minute with them!
Brady had his ultra sound today for hip dysplasia.  Although he passed the APGAR screening at birth (ironically), his pedi wanted to have an ultra sound on his hips since I had dysplasia when I was born.  Apparently, it is hereditary. 

With the exception of peeing all over the exam table, he was very content, and cooperated with the tech and the radiologist.  Although the test was about a week earlier than they would have wanted, she was pleased with what she saw, and hos no concerns about his hip development.  At least he will not have to sport a stunning harness for 6 months like I did!!   =0)
We had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!  Nana (aka Great-gram) and my parents came up to spend the day with Brady.  Also, because I wanted to see my father, too!

It was wonderful watching Lee play with Brady all day long - considering it is his first Father's Day.  It was truly a special day for him.

The day was topped off with my first official dip in the pool... well, maybe not a dip, but floated around since it was just a little too chilly later that afternoon!!  I can't wait to get Brady in the pool - he could be the next Michael Phelps    =0)
Took the little dude out for a nice walk today.  Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold.  However, I still bundled him up with a hat and blanket like it was winter time!  But, clearly he didn't mind... he probably didn't even realize he was out and about - slept the entire time   =0)

Tomorrow Grandma is coming over, and we will go for another walk - maybe Brady will be able to stay awake and enjoy the scenery!
Brady watched his first Red Sox game with mom and dad June 7, 2011.  They played the Yankees, and won 6-4!
Yesterday (6/7) at lunch time, Brady's nurse found me and told me the good news - the Doctor cleared him for release! I was shocked - I had mentally prepared myself for a Weds morning release, but was pleasantly pleased with the decision!  His numbers were strong, and consistant, and there was no further need for monitoring sugar.  The Doctors are confident that his platelet and white blood cell counts will get higher quicker, but instructed his Pediatrician to test in a week. 

So, after our official discharge paperwork, and meeting with the nurse and doctor - it was time to leave!  Brady was placed in his Red Sox take-home outfit, and we were ready to leave. However, we were delayed 30 minutes for something we didn't expect... how to use the car seat with a real baby!  It seriously took us and the nurse 30 minutes to figure out how to loosen the shoulder straps, and how to snap the crotch strap into place.  It really was rocket science - but fortunately, we figured it out!!!  (Unfortunately, the nurses from Tufts don't come home with you to help with the other baby stuff!)

So, finally at about 6pm, we came home to a nicely decorated front yard!  Lee had gotten balloons, and a big door & yard sign to welcome him home - FINALLY!!
9:00am - We woke up at 5:30am to get Brady's overnight numbers.  They were AWESOME!  In addition, his 8am reading was 93 - his highest ever!  Remember, he only needs 50+!  THe nurse is thrilled with the numbers, and actually threw out the "D" word.  If the central line can come out early this morning, she thinks that he may be able to go home late tonight, or early tomorrow!

The Endocrinologist came by around 8:30am and looked at Brady's numbers.  He was thrilled, and is taking the numbers back to the team to prepare for next steps.  He instructed the nurses to no longer add calories to Brady's milk. He will remain on a 20 calorie feeding schedule (which is straight up milk, or any formula you buy in the store).

So now, we believe our options are:

1) Remove central line and monitor 20 calories for 24 hours
2) Remove central line and monitor for a few feedings
3) Remove central line and discharge   =0)

Hopefully, Brady will not have to go thru the car seat test.  This is an hour and a half of Brady sitting in his car seat before going home.  They keep him hooked up to the monitors, and make sure his vitals stay strong while in the seat.  Usually, this test is done for premies, but since Brady was a little tiny, and has gone through a lot, they may opt to put him thru the test.  Just another hour and a half we will have to wait!!!    =0)

Stay tuned for more info later today!
June 7th - Didn't have an opportunity to update everyone same day of Brady's progress (mix of busy with the nurses and doctors, and lack of consistent internet access). 

At 2pm, they swapped his Dextrose 10 sugar IV to a pure saline.  His numbers didn't fluctuate at all!  He remained consistent.  In addition, they are dropping his calories to swap between 22 and 20 Hopefully, the central line will come out the next day, and we can begin talking about the "D" word... DISCHARGE!!!
Today was an even better day than yesterday!  We woke up to hear that he pulled 70's on his gluclose readings all night, and he is now officially on the lowest Dextrose - D10.  This means that the minimum amount of sugar is flowing thru his central line.  Since dropping to the minimum, he has pulled 70's and an 83!  The 83 came 3 hours after a very small lunch.  The Drs did their rounds around 8:30 and commented on how great that reading was.  His last number was 65, a little lower, but nothing to be concerned about according to the Drs. 

The nurse this afternoon made a comment that the central line may come out tomorrow.  I hope she is right, and that the Drs agree.  That would be one less wire I have to manuver around!!

It's wonderful to finally see him so alert.  His eyes are so big, and he just stares at you whiole cuddling - I just love every minute of it - and so doe