Today was an even better day than yesterday!  We woke up to hear that he pulled 70's on his gluclose readings all night, and he is now officially on the lowest Dextrose - D10.  This means that the minimum amount of sugar is flowing thru his central line.  Since dropping to the minimum, he has pulled 70's and an 83!  The 83 came 3 hours after a very small lunch.  The Drs did their rounds around 8:30 and commented on how great that reading was.  His last number was 65, a little lower, but nothing to be concerned about according to the Drs. 

The nurse this afternoon made a comment that the central line may come out tomorrow.  I hope she is right, and that the Drs agree.  That would be one less wire I have to manuver around!!

It's wonderful to finally see him so alert.  His eyes are so big, and he just stares at you whiole cuddling - I just love every minute of it - and so doe

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