Brady watched his first Red Sox game with mom and dad June 7, 2011.  They played the Yankees, and won 6-4!

06/08/2011 4:11pm

Don't let Grandpa know Brady is a Red Sox fan. You know he's wearing a Yankee's onezie when he's at Grandpa's house.

06/08/2011 5:32pm

No dice...

I will get a "Yankees Yuck" onsie to wear to your house!!!

Barbara Robinson
06/08/2011 6:18pm

I work with Grandma at Bank of America. We got updates through your pregnancy and finally Grandma walked in to the office with a HUGH smile and pictures. He is so adorable..and I love this site with the updates and how he enter this world. Wishing you both in your new journey in life as a family lots of love..lots of hugs and kisses and wonderful memories. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Barbar Robinson

06/08/2011 7:52pm

Thank you for the message, Barbara - it means a lot! Sounds like my mom works with a lot of wonderful people!!

Both Lee and I are looking forward to making new memories with Brady =0)

Heather Brett
06/08/2011 11:02pm

We will look for an Angels jersey. Got to have a west coast and an east coast team. Plus, I need an excuse to shop in the boy's section. Welcome home Brady.

06/09/2011 8:19am

That little guy was born with a Red Sox smile on his face!


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