Yesterday (6/7) at lunch time, Brady's nurse found me and told me the good news - the Doctor cleared him for release! I was shocked - I had mentally prepared myself for a Weds morning release, but was pleasantly pleased with the decision!  His numbers were strong, and consistant, and there was no further need for monitoring sugar.  The Doctors are confident that his platelet and white blood cell counts will get higher quicker, but instructed his Pediatrician to test in a week. 

So, after our official discharge paperwork, and meeting with the nurse and doctor - it was time to leave!  Brady was placed in his Red Sox take-home outfit, and we were ready to leave. However, we were delayed 30 minutes for something we didn't expect... how to use the car seat with a real baby!  It seriously took us and the nurse 30 minutes to figure out how to loosen the shoulder straps, and how to snap the crotch strap into place.  It really was rocket science - but fortunately, we figured it out!!!  (Unfortunately, the nurses from Tufts don't come home with you to help with the other baby stuff!)

So, finally at about 6pm, we came home to a nicely decorated front yard!  Lee had gotten balloons, and a big door & yard sign to welcome him home - FINALLY!!

Auntie Eileen
06/08/2011 6:34pm

Love the red sox outfit. Grandpa Scollins gave jim a red sox jacket when he was born. Jim still has it now--30 years later.


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