9:00am - We woke up at 5:30am to get Brady's overnight numbers.  They were AWESOME!  In addition, his 8am reading was 93 - his highest ever!  Remember, he only needs 50+!  THe nurse is thrilled with the numbers, and actually threw out the "D" word.  If the central line can come out early this morning, she thinks that he may be able to go home late tonight, or early tomorrow!

The Endocrinologist came by around 8:30am and looked at Brady's numbers.  He was thrilled, and is taking the numbers back to the team to prepare for next steps.  He instructed the nurses to no longer add calories to Brady's milk. He will remain on a 20 calorie feeding schedule (which is straight up milk, or any formula you buy in the store).

So now, we believe our options are:

1) Remove central line and monitor 20 calories for 24 hours
2) Remove central line and monitor for a few feedings
3) Remove central line and discharge   =0)

Hopefully, Brady will not have to go thru the car seat test.  This is an hour and a half of Brady sitting in his car seat before going home.  They keep him hooked up to the monitors, and make sure his vitals stay strong while in the seat.  Usually, this test is done for premies, but since Brady was a little tiny, and has gone through a lot, they may opt to put him thru the test.  Just another hour and a half we will have to wait!!!    =0)

Stay tuned for more info later today!

Patricia Sanchez
06/07/2011 10:49am

Kelly & Lee
I am so happy hopefully the next message will be you are all on your way home! I am saying another prayer just for luck!
Love you all!

Patricia Sanchez
06/07/2011 2:32pm

Mom just gave me the news. That little extra prayer to St Anthony worked. I am so glad he is going home. Enjoy.
Love you

Lynn Balcius
06/07/2011 5:48pm

You are all in my thoughts....I bet Brady is anxious to get home and check out his fantastic room - thanks for the updates.

06/07/2011 9:11pm

Hi Kelly & Lee,
Oh congratulations! I'm so thrilled little Brady is doing so well! He must be anxious to get home to that gorgeous nursery =) He's beautiful! Enjoy every minute! Love, Katherine, Scott & Hannah

Janet Halloran
06/08/2011 6:40am

SO thrilled to here the big guy will be home soon! We have been thinking of all of you. Keep up the good work Brady!

Marguerite Trufant
06/08/2011 7:25am

so happy Brady is doing so well. Enjoy your little boy and make sure grandma spoils him all the time (that is what we grandmothers do best!!)

06/08/2011 8:52am

Good Morning - I'm so glad Brady had a good night in his own home. I can't wait to spend some time with him tomorrow. "Great" Nana can't wait to hold her new great grandson. Love you guys....

Heather Brett
06/08/2011 9:55am

Go Brady go!! The girls and I have been thinking about you. We are excited that Brady will be going home soon. What a relief. Thanks for all th updates. We have been checking in often. You have a beautiful family. Lots of love...


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