I had fun visiting mom's work. Wednesday we went to Boston to visit her old co-workers (it was nice to go to Boston in mom's car and not an ambulance).  I was a little cranky since it was really hot walking to Summer Street. But after being changed and fed, I was happy to let anyone hold me. Then mom's old manager took us out to lunch. I slept thru the whole thing, but heard her telling daddy that it was a super yummy place and that when we go to the Childrens Museum in a few years we need to eat there. For anyone interested, it is Flour Bakery (http://flourbakery.com/); map below.

Today, she took me to her office in Rhode Island.  I met more new people. But today, I was in a much better mood and smiled at everyone who told me I was cute.  We had lunch with mom's manager. It was a fun afternoon.

I met a lot of people over the past two days, and I really enjoyed meeting them all!!

Location of Flour Bakery & Cafe in Boston - Mom highly recommends it to anyone in the area!!

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