This week has been so much fun! It's moms last week of maternity leave, and dad took this week as vacation. Wednesday we went to Boston for the day. We walked around Fanuiel Hall and ate lunch there, then went to Boston Commons and the Public Gardens.  I slept in the stroller a lot but woke up to see lots of duckys in the pond. Mom and dad wanted to take me on the big Swan Boats, but since there is no shade, they opted to skip it. I was looking forward to the ride, but I understood. 

After the Gardens, we went to the little sprinkler park in the Commons and mom and I went in. It was ok. Maybe in a few years I will enjoy it more!!

Then we walked to the Aquarium to see the outdoor seals. I saw my first seal up close. They are so cute!

The next day we met up with mom & dad's friend Alissa, and my girlfriend Mackenzie for breakfast. Afterwards, we went to the beach. What a crazy place - sooo many people. Mom and dad set up my little tent, and I just relaxed in there while they sat in the sand. A little bit later they took me to the water. So many more waves than in our pool at home!!  Mom and dad then took turns boogie boarding while I watched - looks like so much fun!!!  Then after, we packed up and walked down the main street. Got our pictures taken in a photobooth - I didn't like it, so I screamed the entire time. Pictures not that good.

Today mom and her friend Gina, and my other girlfriend Gabriella went to visit some old work friends. We had a great lunch together.

So now, I get to look forward to spending the next two weeks with Grandma and Grandpa while mom goes back to work. At least she will be home the whole week so I won't have to worry about missing her too much. I guess I am used to having her around all the time  =0)

So, now that I have told you about my fun week, take a look at the pictures!!

ps - speaking of pictures, check out my new profile picture - I just love smiling now!

08/20/2011 7:37am

Brady - I'm so glad you had such fun this week with Mom & Dad and all their friends (even your girlfriends). We'll have some fun too after mom goes back to work and Grandpa and I have you for two weeks. We'll probably need another vacation to recuperate.
Today, 8/20, is mom's birthday. Be sure to give her a big hug and kiss. Love you lots, Grandma

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