It's odd to look in my rear view mirror and see this little baby seat!  The fact that he is going to be here in less than a month is becoming more real each and every day!

A note to all mommy-to-be's (and there are plenty of you reading this!):  Bring your car seat to your local police department.  They will sit with you for an hour and review all of the aspects of your car seat, and even look up the rating of the seat you purchased!!  Then, they will go out to your car and install it.  Once you watch the install, you'll be able to do it blindfolded (please don't though!), and go home confident that your baby will be safe.

Very valuable bits of information I received: 
1) Bring the car you are going to take baby home in for the install. 
2) Typically, seats are installed in the MIDDLE of the back seat to keep baby safe.  HOWEVER, have the police install the seat behind the passenger seat.  Mommy will be very sore and achy, and will want more room in the back seat for the ride home.  Once mom is situated in the house for a few days, immediately move the seat into the middle.


05/03/2011 4:07pm

Hi Kelly,
I was thinking of you today, glad to hear you are all ready for Brady to arrive !!!

Can't wait to see all the pictures !!!
Take care,


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