It's been a while since mom posted anything, so I thought I would take over and fill you all in   =0)

I saw my first movie on July 14th - Horrible Bosses.  Thank goodness I slept thru the entire thing - mom said it wasn't kid appropriate.  That's why Showcase Cinema calls it "Baby Pictures for Moms" - babies cannot understand anything, and will sleep thru the movie with the nice dim lighting in the theater.  I saw Harry Potter the following Thursday with mom and Grandma - that was super fun as I stayed awake for the whole thing in Gma's arms and didn't make a peep!! This week is Friends with Benefits, and I am planning on going with a new friend, Gabriella - I look forward to meeting her (our moms work together).

I also went to my first restaurant on July 22nd. We went to Smokey Bones with a few of my parents friends. I slept the entire time. Super bored.

I certainly had my share if play dates, too.  Hung out with Mackenzie and Hannah R. one day (super time, of course), and the following Monday, mom took me to New Hampshire (my first state I visited) to hang out with Hannah C. and Cole.  I had lots of fun!  Cole kept a close eye on me when Hannah wanted to poke me.  I can't blame her for being curious - I am soooo cute! 

Yesterday afternoon, after visiting my memere, I went to the Spinners game.  My God father had two extra tickets, so we went.  A man with a big camera came over to mom, and all of a sudden I was on the huge jumbo-tron in the outfield.  Everyone in the park went "Awwwww" at the same time - was really neat!

Tonight, we were supposed to go back to the Spinners for another game, but the rain is yucky, and we decided to skip this game.  No biggie, I will still get to be with mommy and daddy!

Enjoy the pictures below   =0)

07/26/2011 7:53pm

07/26/2011 7:58pm

Brady - Thanks for updating your websiste. If it wasn't for you, people would never know how much you've grown and what you've been up to....Mom's had so much fun taking you to playdates and the movies. We did have a good time seeing Harry Potter. Have fun with Grandpa tomorrow. He can't wait to see you again...Two times this week - I'm getting a little jealous. Love you....


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