I had so much fun at my parents friends' house!  Hannah and Mackenzie were there, so I had friends to play with (and by "play", I mean eat and nap with).  But before nap time, we all went swimming in the kiddie pool.  It was Mackenzie's and my first time in a pool.  The water was so warm and I loved it.  Dad took a bunch of pictures of us (get a load of my swimsuit below).
After swimming, the girls and I took a long nap.  The moms were grateful since they got to go into the big person pool and relax!!!

Later that night when we got home, cousin Jazz came over and went swimming in mom and dad's pool.  Mom and dad went in too - even though it was raining.  I just slept in my swing (don't worry, they brought out the baby monitor - but I was soooo tired and never bothered them).

After dinner, fireworks went off around the neighborhood and we enjoyed them from the back patio.  They were loud, but cool to watch.  Can't wait til next year!!!


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