Brady is having a great day today - as he should - it is his one week birthday!  He has consistantly been pulling great numbers off his current weaning process (1 every 12 hours), that the Endocrinologist has increased the weaning to 1 every 3 hours!  As long as Brady's bloodsugar readings are 60 or above, the nurse will drop the IV, else, the number will be reported up to the Endocrinologist, and his weaning will be altered again.  The reading before his 2pm feeding was 66, and that is completely acceptable (he had only eaten 30 ML of milk at his 11am feeding - which isn't a lot, but still alright.  He just sucked down 50 ML and could have kept going!).

Here's to consistant numbers for the rest of the day today!!!  If so, he can be completely weaned off by tomorrow, and as long as he can sustain 60+ for 24 hours on his own, he will be home with us early next week!

We still need to await his Newborn blood work.  That will hopefully rule out, 100%, any genetic disorder that may be causing/had caused his low bloodsugar. Fortunately, LGH and Tufts Doctors believe that his small size and stress that he went through is the root cause.

Again, thanks to everyone for their good vibes, and prayers!!

06/04/2011 4:17pm

Happy 1 week birthday to our beautiful grandson. We love you so much. Love, G&G

Marguerite Trufant
06/04/2011 8:44pm

Happy 1 week birthday Brady. So very happy you are getting better. I'm sure your grandma and grampa are anxious to get you home so grandma can hold you all the time. I will continue to pray for you to get well and to get houme to the beautiful room you have waiting for you. Love, Marguerite

Bonnie RIley
06/05/2011 8:31am

This is great news!

09/25/2012 5:05am

Appreciate your info


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