So mom and dad took me to the mall to meet this ginormous bunny!!!  I even got to take my picture with him.  Mom and dad said if I was good for the next few days, he would visit Grandma and Grandpa's and leave eggs around their back yard for me to go find on Sunday morning.  Apparently, there is candy in them!!!  So, I am planning on being super good!!!
Wow, I have been up to so much since the last time I've been able to get to the computer!

Let's see... I have began swim lessons in late January.  I was not the least bit thrilled with the cold water week one, but was able to deal with it week two.  And by week four, the instructors were so impressed, they showed mom how to roll me under the water.  They usually save that for later weeks (eight week course), but noticed that I held my breath before mom or dad diped my cheek into the water.  I love swimming!!!

I have been eating solid foods better now.  My first attempt a while ago was really bad, but I have made it to Stage 3 and I am doing much better!  I love bananas (mom and grandma sing a funny banana song) and blueberries!  And guess what...?!  I am bottle free!  I have been drinking from sippy cups for over two months now!  Yippee!!!!

I now crawl forward!  I am quick, too!  I also cruise around the couch, and can walk with the aid of an activity walker.  Still practicing trying to stand on my own - I will get there soon enough!

I also can climb up the stairs at the speed of light! There is always someone behind me to make sure that if fall backwards I will be safe!

I also wave and say "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" to everyone (even to thin air)!

And, over the past few days, I just started clapping - finally.  Mom and dad have been trying to teach me for months, but I wanted nothing to do with it.  But, it's really fun!! 

Recently, I also went to my first park.  With our super spring weather, mom and dad took me to a park off the trail near Grandma & Grandpa's house.  It was realy fun.  There was a slide, and swing.  There was also a big tire thing, but there was a big puddle all around it and we couldn't play near it  =(

I have also officially gone on my first bike ride!  Mom and dad bought me my birthday gift early - a bike trailer and helmet!  We've been out twice on the Rail Trail near our house.  I loved the trailer, but I am still not to fond of the helmet, but they force me to wear it (apparently it's for safety - and that's a good thing). 

Mom and Dad are taking me on their runs with them now.  That's really fun.  No more gym daycare all the time!  That stroller is really fun when it goes fast!

Oh yeah, and I babble like there is no tomorrow!!!  I wake up in my crib and babble.  I play in my exersaucer and babble.  I even babble in my sleep (mom is trying to capture on video).

So, my vocabulary exists of:
Ouch (thanks to Grandpa)
Uh-oh (again, thanks to Grandpa)
Kathy (I've said it once, as my super sitter has been teaching me it)

I promise to do a better job of updating the site more often!  As you can see I've been up to so much, and I am so tired I can't get to the computer in the evenings!  Mom and dad try to put me to crib at 8pm, and that's just so early (but I am pretty tired and I do sleep thru the night right til 6:30am)!!!

Well, I should have guessed something was going on when mom and dad brought a tree into the house. That was weird - they belong outside!!  Then things got crazier when they strung up lights, and shiney balls... I had a lot to learn about Christmas.  But whatever Christmas is - there are a lot of gifts under the tree - and most were for me!!!  I had lots of fun opening them and eating the paper.  I liked the gifts that made noise the best, but mom and dad liked the stationary toys better.  I couldn't believe how generous everyone was. 

Later that morning, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Uncle Tom, and Great-Gram (GG) came over and they brought even MORE presents.  WOW!!  And shortly after, Auntie Rhonda, Uncle Paul & my cousins came over - with more stuff for me!  I more enjoyed everyone's company - it was so neat to have so much family together at the same time!

Mom cooked a wonderful lunch for the big people, and I sat in my high chair for the first time and ate cookies for lunch - beat the green beans mom tried feeding me the week before!!

Later, everyone left, and we were stuck cleaning up what looked like a tornado that swept through the livingroom (and by "we" I mean mom and dad... I just sat there and looked cute).

I really enjoyed my first Christmas.  Oh, and next year I will get to "talk" to Santa.  I met this big guy back in November, and he showed up AGAIN at my friend Ashley's house on the night before Christmas. I got to sit on his lap again, and he had a gift for me already.  I still wonder how he knew I was going to be there - but can't wait to see him again.  I suppose I need to be a good boy in 2012!!
Last Sunday, November 20, 2011, I got Baptized at St. Rita's in Lowell by Fr. Garcia.  It was a beautiful & sunny 65 degree day.  Although my tummy wasn't cooperating at all, I was still in a happy mood, and really enjoyed the day - except for getting you will see in the pictures.  I missed my Grandma and Great-Gram, but they were very busy taking wonderful care of other family members that really needed them.  But the presence of family and friends was overwhelming!  I also love my God Mom and God Dad - Coleen & Doug.  I am very lucky to have everyone in my life - I truly am blessed.

After the ceremony, we had a great reception at Angela's Coal Fired Pizza. YUMMY!!! 

I want to thank everyone who was there to share the day with me!!
Last Sunday, Oct 23rd, mom & dad took me an a small hiking trip.  It was so much fun.  Dad strapped me in the Bjorn, and we walked around the woods.  It was beautiful with all the colorful foliage, and the weather was perfect.  I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to be able to hike it all on my own  =0)

There are some super pictures of the day posted to the Pictures page!

Den Rock Park
On October 17, mom and dad took the day off to go pumpkin picking and walk thru a corn maze in Danvers.  We had so much fun!  Check out the pictures from the day!!! 
On September 18, I got to celebrate my Great-Gram's 90th birthday.  It was a suprise party, and she was soooo suprised.  It was great to see her walk through the front door and see her expression when she got to see all her family and friends together.  She deserved nothing less!

I also got to meet lots of family that I have never met before - that was exciting!  I was passed around from person to person, and missed all my scheduled naps!!  But, that is OK - I enjoyed it!

There are lots of pictures posted on the Pictures page of the wonderful day we had!
I woke up at 1:30am Saturday 9/10/11 cranky!!  Mom and dad came in together since I was screaming my head off (mom had to shut the nursery windows because I was waking up the neighborhood).  Mom took my temp and it was 100 - which can be considered normal for my age.  Since I have been drooling and eating my fist lately, they thought the teething pain may have started.  Dad went out at 2am to buy Baby-Orajel.  It didn't work, so they put me in the car at 3am and I fell asleep immediately.  After they put me back down, I slept til 7:00.  Mom called the pedi, and they got me in right away.  I now had a 101.4 fever.  They did a urinalysis and sent me home with infant tylenol.  The test came back negative (the Dr told mom I had "super clean pee"), so I was on a tylenol regimine for 2 days.  I've been pretty low key lately, but have begun perking up.  Grandma has been by, and I did lots of giggling for her!!  And watching the big Brady throw for 517 yards really made me happy (although I was sleeping for the 99-yard pass...)!!  I am just glad to finally have this virus out of my system... although I know there are 5,000 more virsuses for me to catch!!

Here is a picture of me at the Pedi Saturday morning... I am still so cute even though I didn't feel well...
Well, I enjoyed my first week of daycare!  I go to my parents good friend Kathy every day.  I sooooo enjoy it there, she takes good care of me.  Kathy has a daughter, Gabriella, that I get to play with every day.  There are lots of toys there for me to play with - they are pink, but that's ok!! 
During tummy time today I decided to roll over!! Mom happened to have her cell phone taking pictures, so I thought I'd give her something to really enjoy photographing   =0)

Just thinking about what to do next...


Ok, are you ready to see what I can do?


Woo hoo... that was fun!!!!