I woke up at 1:30am Saturday 9/10/11 cranky!!  Mom and dad came in together since I was screaming my head off (mom had to shut the nursery windows because I was waking up the neighborhood).  Mom took my temp and it was 100 - which can be considered normal for my age.  Since I have been drooling and eating my fist lately, they thought the teething pain may have started.  Dad went out at 2am to buy Baby-Orajel.  It didn't work, so they put me in the car at 3am and I fell asleep immediately.  After they put me back down, I slept til 7:00.  Mom called the pedi, and they got me in right away.  I now had a 101.4 fever.  They did a urinalysis and sent me home with infant tylenol.  The test came back negative (the Dr told mom I had "super clean pee"), so I was on a tylenol regimine for 2 days.  I've been pretty low key lately, but have begun perking up.  Grandma has been by, and I did lots of giggling for her!!  And watching the big Brady throw for 517 yards really made me happy (although I was sleeping for the 99-yard pass...)!!  I am just glad to finally have this virus out of my system... although I know there are 5,000 more virsuses for me to catch!!

Here is a picture of me at the Pedi Saturday morning... I am still so cute even though I didn't feel well...

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