Well, I should have guessed something was going on when mom and dad brought a tree into the house. That was weird - they belong outside!!  Then things got crazier when they strung up lights, and shiney balls... I had a lot to learn about Christmas.  But whatever Christmas is - there are a lot of gifts under the tree - and most were for me!!!  I had lots of fun opening them and eating the paper.  I liked the gifts that made noise the best, but mom and dad liked the stationary toys better.  I couldn't believe how generous everyone was. 

Later that morning, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Uncle Tom, and Great-Gram (GG) came over and they brought even MORE presents.  WOW!!  And shortly after, Auntie Rhonda, Uncle Paul & my cousins came over - with more stuff for me!  I more enjoyed everyone's company - it was so neat to have so much family together at the same time!

Mom cooked a wonderful lunch for the big people, and I sat in my high chair for the first time and ate cookies for lunch - beat the green beans mom tried feeding me the week before!!

Later, everyone left, and we were stuck cleaning up what looked like a tornado that swept through the livingroom (and by "we" I mean mom and dad... I just sat there and looked cute).

I really enjoyed my first Christmas.  Oh, and next year I will get to "talk" to Santa.  I met this big guy back in November, and he showed up AGAIN at my friend Ashley's house on the night before Christmas. I got to sit on his lap again, and he had a gift for me already.  I still wonder how he knew I was going to be there - but can't wait to see him again.  I suppose I need to be a good boy in 2012!!