Well, it's been way too long since mom posted on here!  She's blaming her pregnancy!  Says there is so much to do around the house, and I keep her on her toes, too!

Well, besides a fantastic Christmas, New Years, and Blizzard, everything's been changing!  There is a new playroom in the house!  I love it!!  It's big, and has so many toys in it for me.  Mom & Dad keep saying they need the space for Corey - my soon to be little Bro.  I suppose I will let him play with me in here!

I also got a new Big Boy Bed!  It's actually 2 beds, but I am not allowed on the top bed - I climbed the ladder too fast for mommy's liking, and they quickly took it out.  But the bottom bed is just as cozy!  I only ran out crying one night, and daddy stayed with me on the second night until I cried myself to sleep.  After that, I realized I love this thing, and actually put myself to bed every night (with help, of course)!  More pix to follow when it's 100% complete.

My parents keep telling me I got this new, bigger room because the new baby will be taking over my old nursery.  That's fine - I made out in that deal!!

I can't wait to meet my new little Bro this Weds, 3/27.  I am really excited, and have so much to teach him (mommy and daddy probably wouldn't approve, though).
Mom totally forgot to note that my summer was full of Baseball!  I went to Fenway Park for the first time!  It wasn't to see the Red Sox, but the Future players!  I saw the Lowell Spinners and the PawSox.  That was in addition to all the Lowell Spinner games we went to!  Here is a video of me cheering on the team!

Here is a picture of me looking at Fenway's field for the first time!
Also, we went apple picking for the first time!  Mom usually cuts my apples up  and trims off the skin (or I will spit it out) - but I enjoyed eating a round  apple while we walked around the orchard.  After the orchard, we went into a  corn maze.  It took mom, dad and cousin Tyra over an hour and a half to get out  (and I think they may have cheated).  It was lots of fun to walk around!!
Halloween was bittersweet this year.  I lost my Memere earlier that morning, but some of the family stuck around to all be together, and to make Halloween a little more special for us little kids.  Last year I had to stay home and hand out candy with mom (well, actually sit on the couch and watch mom get up every 3 minutes).  But this year I got to go out with everyone around the neighborhood.  I was not too fond of my costume - there was a "head" that I refused to wear, so I was only 1/2 a lion!!  I loved walking around to the neighbors house and getting candy.  I tried to eat everything with the wrapper on... I also went into a haunted house.  I think mom was more nervous than me!  Check out my Halloween Pix
I have been hiding for a while!  So sorry, everyone!  Life has been so busy!  Let's see...
I had my first hair cut!  I didn't know what to think of this place.  It was very colorful, and the woman was very nice.  But I was still really scared!  I sat there and didn't make a peep - I don't think I even blinked!! 
And that was just the beginning of my summer! 

I went hiking with mom and dad at America's Stonehedge.  What an amazing place.  We had so much fun walking around and learning some history.  Mom posted those pictures on the Pictures page.

On top of that, we went to lots and lots of Spinner games!

We didn't get to go to the beach at all (but did lots of swimming in our pool), but we did go to Hampton for daddy's 1/2 marathon.  That was fun!  We walked around all day Saturday, and spent the night in a hotel called the Ashworth!  Those places are fun!  There was an indoor pool, and we had a great corner room!  The next morning we ventured out into the rain and watched 5k people run a lot.  I did get to head out to the beach when the rain let up for a little bit, and had fun with mommy!
And less than a week later we drove really far to another hotel - but we were in the mountains!  Wehad so much fun in North Conway!  We went to Story Land, many restaurants, swam outside at night time, and went to an indoor water park in the hotel - twice!!  It was such a great long weekend with my parents and grandma and grandpa!  You can see all the pix from Story Land on the Pictures page.
Well, I thought the Zoo was my big party, and the gifts from mommy and daddy were it, but apparently adults throw parties for kids at houses, too!  My parents had a birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's for me!  All my family and friends were there.  It was amazing!  And I had a HUGE cake!  And there were lots of presents.  I already had everything I ever needed through...! Everyone was so generous, and I had such a wonderful time - except for the first 30 minutes when I woke up from my nap and there were people fighting over who would hold me - I was a little scared...!!!
Too bad it had to rain though - it would have been great to have been outside a little bit - but G&G were so nice to open their home for mom and dad - AND ME!!! See pictures here!

OH - and by the way - I took 2 steps the night before in Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen.  It is completely unofficial because mommy wasn't looking - but daddy and G&G said I did...!!!!!
Well - mommy and daddy did it!!  They managed to not break me for a whole year!!! 
Hannah and her parents picked us up in their big van and took us up to York's Wild Kingdom and Zoo!  What a super way to spend my first birthday - and Mackenzie and her parents were there, too!!  It was a beautiful day, and all the animals were out and active.  I had so much fun! 
Afterwards, we went to get some ice cream by the ocean, and went to see a really BIG lighthouse on an island.  By then, I was sooo sleepy, I just closed my eyes and relaxed.  But the car ride home was anything but relaxing - Hannah just wanted to talk to me the entire time, and I didn't want to be rude, so I talked back with her, and there was a lot of traffic... so there was a lot of talking!! 
Hannah and her parents came over for pizza after and I took a bath with Hannah!  It was weird sharing my bath toys, but I didn't mind.  She really didn't want anything to do with them - guess she's very mature and doesn't want to play with them!  Mommy put pictures on the Pictures page (where else?!) of our day together.
So, I was suprised with a trip to another state that required me to get into a car AND some other thing called an airplane.  Well, it wasn't all that because I slept for most of it.  And when I woke up, some stranger played peek-a-boo with me, and I got way too fidigity, mom and auntie Jill, Olivia, and auntie Katie were passing me back and forth to keep me from screaming my head off.  Then when we got off the plane Auntie Terry and Uncle Dave met us, and Daddy was there, too!! 
Arizona is beautiful and clean.  I loved it.  We had so much fun swimming, and eating, and swimming, and going to the zoo, and swimming...!!! It was really warm - much warmer than back home for May.  But the pool made everything so much better. I loved sitting on the edge and jumping into mommy or daddies arms.  And then mommy would dunk me under like the swim instuctor taught her - I LOVED it!!!! 
I also got to see Jackie and Shea, and Jackie's family!  We had so much fun together.
I was really sad to leave.  But, I got to go home to see all my friends and family that missed me so much - and I missed them, too!!! 
Check out the Pictures page to see all the fun I had in Arizona!
So, my FIRST birthday gift was a chariot from mommy and daddy!  It's this neat thing that hooks to their bike, and I get to go for a cozy ride!  I love it.  They ride down this really long shady trail and I usually fall asleep half way thru... then we get to Heart Pond for a fun picnic.  I really enjoy our bike rides.  Beats the stroller - we go so much faster. 
And one day, mom went with Jess, and Jess brought my girlfriend Hannah, and we got to ride together!  She really was NOT enjoying it at first, but once mommy got riding, I think she began to like it - as she FINALLY STOPPED crying her head off!!! 
The only thing I need to learn to do is like my helmet.  Helmet #1 was a bust as it's too heavy, althought it's for kiddos my age, and helmet #2 is just a pain.  But they force me to wear one for safety... I just take it off when they are not looking!!  Below are some pictures of me and Hannah enjoying our ride together in Nashua!
What a Super Day!  The weather was perfect, and I got to spend it at Grandma and Grandpa's and see GG and Uncle Tom!  There was an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard, and Grandpa blew bubbles - so much fun!!  Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)!  Mom took a video, but it's way too big to post to this site.  You'll just have to assume it's adorable!

I have graduated to the big boy tub... no more kitchen sink for bath time!