Well, Brady's shower was 3/26, and it was absolutely perfect!!  A small gathering of family and friends was exactly what I wanted. Brady received so many wonderful gifts and so many beautiful outfits!  He better grow up to be a Red Sox fan - he has a variety of sizes to get him thru the next two seasons!!  (With Lee as his father, he won't have too much of a choice!)  I already have two bins of clothing in my attic (6-9m, and a 12m+).  The closet is full of NB-3m clothes, and also the 4 drawer dresser!!  I have a feeling this little boy is going to be spoiled!!!

04/07/2011 3:18pm

You have a "feeling" this little boy will be spoiled? Who are you kidding - you KNOW he will be spoiled! He's the luckiest child ever who hasn't even been born yet... Can't wait to meet him!

04/07/2011 3:53pm

And he can't wait to meet Auntie Jill!!

04/09/2011 8:20pm

The nursery looks so nice!!! I'm impressed! You are really ready :-) I can't wait to meet him! And this website thing is so cool! i love it!

04/11/2011 12:27pm

Thanks, Carey! I am glad you visited, and please keep checking back - I will have pictures of him posted in just about 7 weeks - YIKES!


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