So, I was suprised with a trip to another state that required me to get into a car AND some other thing called an airplane.  Well, it wasn't all that because I slept for most of it.  And when I woke up, some stranger played peek-a-boo with me, and I got way too fidigity, mom and auntie Jill, Olivia, and auntie Katie were passing me back and forth to keep me from screaming my head off.  Then when we got off the plane Auntie Terry and Uncle Dave met us, and Daddy was there, too!! 
Arizona is beautiful and clean.  I loved it.  We had so much fun swimming, and eating, and swimming, and going to the zoo, and swimming...!!! It was really warm - much warmer than back home for May.  But the pool made everything so much better. I loved sitting on the edge and jumping into mommy or daddies arms.  And then mommy would dunk me under like the swim instuctor taught her - I LOVED it!!!! 
I also got to see Jackie and Shea, and Jackie's family!  We had so much fun together.
I was really sad to leave.  But, I got to go home to see all my friends and family that missed me so much - and I missed them, too!!! 
Check out the Pictures page to see all the fun I had in Arizona!

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