Mom totally forgot to note that my summer was full of Baseball!  I went to Fenway Park for the first time!  It wasn't to see the Red Sox, but the Future players!  I saw the Lowell Spinners and the PawSox.  That was in addition to all the Lowell Spinner games we went to!  Here is a video of me cheering on the team!

Here is a picture of me looking at Fenway's field for the first time!
Also, we went apple picking for the first time!  Mom usually cuts my apples up  and trims off the skin (or I will spit it out) - but I enjoyed eating a round  apple while we walked around the orchard.  After the orchard, we went into a  corn maze.  It took mom, dad and cousin Tyra over an hour and a half to get out  (and I think they may have cheated).  It was lots of fun to walk around!!
Halloween was bittersweet this year.  I lost my Memere earlier that morning, but some of the family stuck around to all be together, and to make Halloween a little more special for us little kids.  Last year I had to stay home and hand out candy with mom (well, actually sit on the couch and watch mom get up every 3 minutes).  But this year I got to go out with everyone around the neighborhood.  I was not too fond of my costume - there was a "head" that I refused to wear, so I was only 1/2 a lion!!  I loved walking around to the neighbors house and getting candy.  I tried to eat everything with the wrapper on... I also went into a haunted house.  I think mom was more nervous than me!  Check out my Halloween Pix