I have been hiding for a while!  So sorry, everyone!  Life has been so busy!  Let's see...
I had my first hair cut!  I didn't know what to think of this place.  It was very colorful, and the woman was very nice.  But I was still really scared!  I sat there and didn't make a peep - I don't think I even blinked!! 
And that was just the beginning of my summer! 

I went hiking with mom and dad at America's Stonehedge.  What an amazing place.  We had so much fun walking around and learning some history.  Mom posted those pictures on the Pictures page.

On top of that, we went to lots and lots of Spinner games!

We didn't get to go to the beach at all (but did lots of swimming in our pool), but we did go to Hampton for daddy's 1/2 marathon.  That was fun!  We walked around all day Saturday, and spent the night in a hotel called the Ashworth!  Those places are fun!  There was an indoor pool, and we had a great corner room!  The next morning we ventured out into the rain and watched 5k people run a lot.  I did get to head out to the beach when the rain let up for a little bit, and had fun with mommy!
And less than a week later we drove really far to another hotel - but we were in the mountains!  Wehad so much fun in North Conway!  We went to Story Land, many restaurants, swam outside at night time, and went to an indoor water park in the hotel - twice!!  It was such a great long weekend with my parents and grandma and grandpa!  You can see all the pix from Story Land on the Pictures page.