Well, it's been way too long since mom posted on here!  She's blaming her pregnancy!  Says there is so much to do around the house, and I keep her on her toes, too!

Well, besides a fantastic Christmas, New Years, and Blizzard, everything's been changing!  There is a new playroom in the house!  I love it!!  It's big, and has so many toys in it for me.  Mom & Dad keep saying they need the space for Corey - my soon to be little Bro.  I suppose I will let him play with me in here!

I also got a new Big Boy Bed!  It's actually 2 beds, but I am not allowed on the top bed - I climbed the ladder too fast for mommy's liking, and they quickly took it out.  But the bottom bed is just as cozy!  I only ran out crying one night, and daddy stayed with me on the second night until I cried myself to sleep.  After that, I realized I love this thing, and actually put myself to bed every night (with help, of course)!  More pix to follow when it's 100% complete.

My parents keep telling me I got this new, bigger room because the new baby will be taking over my old nursery.  That's fine - I made out in that deal!!

I can't wait to meet my new little Bro this Weds, 3/27.  I am really excited, and have so much to teach him (mommy and daddy probably wouldn't approve, though).