Wow, I have been up to so much since the last time I've been able to get to the computer!

Let's see... I have began swim lessons in late January.  I was not the least bit thrilled with the cold water week one, but was able to deal with it week two.  And by week four, the instructors were so impressed, they showed mom how to roll me under the water.  They usually save that for later weeks (eight week course), but noticed that I held my breath before mom or dad diped my cheek into the water.  I love swimming!!!

I have been eating solid foods better now.  My first attempt a while ago was really bad, but I have made it to Stage 3 and I am doing much better!  I love bananas (mom and grandma sing a funny banana song) and blueberries!  And guess what...?!  I am bottle free!  I have been drinking from sippy cups for over two months now!  Yippee!!!!

I now crawl forward!  I am quick, too!  I also cruise around the couch, and can walk with the aid of an activity walker.  Still practicing trying to stand on my own - I will get there soon enough!

I also can climb up the stairs at the speed of light! There is always someone behind me to make sure that if fall backwards I will be safe!

I also wave and say "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" to everyone (even to thin air)!

And, over the past few days, I just started clapping - finally.  Mom and dad have been trying to teach me for months, but I wanted nothing to do with it.  But, it's really fun!! 

Recently, I also went to my first park.  With our super spring weather, mom and dad took me to a park off the trail near Grandma & Grandpa's house.  It was realy fun.  There was a slide, and swing.  There was also a big tire thing, but there was a big puddle all around it and we couldn't play near it  =(

I have also officially gone on my first bike ride!  Mom and dad bought me my birthday gift early - a bike trailer and helmet!  We've been out twice on the Rail Trail near our house.  I loved the trailer, but I am still not to fond of the helmet, but they force me to wear it (apparently it's for safety - and that's a good thing). 

Mom and Dad are taking me on their runs with them now.  That's really fun.  No more gym daycare all the time!  That stroller is really fun when it goes fast!

Oh yeah, and I babble like there is no tomorrow!!!  I wake up in my crib and babble.  I play in my exersaucer and babble.  I even babble in my sleep (mom is trying to capture on video).

So, my vocabulary exists of:
Ouch (thanks to Grandpa)
Uh-oh (again, thanks to Grandpa)
Kathy (I've said it once, as my super sitter has been teaching me it)

I promise to do a better job of updating the site more often!  As you can see I've been up to so much, and I am so tired I can't get to the computer in the evenings!  Mom and dad try to put me to crib at 8pm, and that's just so early (but I am pretty tired and I do sleep thru the night right til 6:30am)!!!