Today was fun! I went to the movies with mom and grandma. It was a little awkward since my two girlfriends were both there - Mackenzie and Gabriella   =0)

We saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was good.  I hope I have better luck in the love area when I grow up.

After the movie, Gma went back to work, and Auntie Lisa and Cousin Sara came by, and we had a super fun photo shoot.  Check out the Pictures page for more random cuteness!

In a few hours, daddy will be home and we are going to go to the Spinners game - HOORAY BASEBALL!!

In the meantime, I will sleep on mommy until it's time to get ready to leave.  Bye Bye for now!!


08/05/2011 10:06am

Brady - you were the best little boy at the movies....Your girlfriends were good too. Can't wait to pick you up for the weekend with Gma and Gpa. We;ll have some fun. Love you so much...

08/05/2011 10:08am

Brady - I forgot to mention that we will go visit Great Gram and Uncle Tom on Sunday. They can't wait to see you.


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